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How to Make Money With Your Content by Slicing and Dicing

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Here are Five proven ways to make more money from your content by chopping it up…

1) Create a “Lite” Version of Your Product If you have a full-size ebook, video, audio, software or other product, then you can easily shrink it down to create a “lite” version of your product. There are a few different ways to do this, depending on what sort of product you’re selling.

Here are a few ways to present the lite version:

• If you’re selling software, then you can disable a few features to create a lite version. Then simply let customers know those features are available if they upgrade to the full version.

• If you’re selling content, you can include the full version of the table of contents, with the missing chapters “grayed out.” That way customers can actually see what chapters they’re missing. Then from within the report, include a link to upgrade to the full version.

• Alternatively, you can just strip down your full version ebook to include all chapters, but each chapter doesn’t include as much information.

For example, let’s suppose you’re selling a diet book, and one particular chapter includes 50 tips to stave off cravings. The “lite” version of your product may only include 25 tips. Once you’ve created your new product, then you can take this lite version and go in any number of profitable directions with it, including these two tactics:

• Sell this lite version to customers while offering an upgrade to the full size version. The upsell could be at the point of sell, within the product itself and through backend emails you send to your customer list.

• Give the lite version away to use as a lead-generator for the full-size version. Again, you can encourage people to purchase the full version at the point they’re downloading, from within the product itself or through backend emails you send to your customer list.

2) Offer a Lite Version or Excerpt for Giveaway Events Here you create your lite version the same way as described in the previous section. Alternatively, you can simply excerpt a portion of your product. Example:

Just pull one chapter out of a full-size ebook and create a report from this chapter. Then you can give this new product away to your joint venture partners who are requesting freebies from you. Here are a few ideas for events:

• The lite version can be included in a joint venture giveaway event. This is where all JV partners give away one or more products for free in exchange for the recipient’s email address. All partners promote the event, so everyone has a good chance of building a bigger list.

• The lite version can be used in a firesale. This may be a fire sale that’s designed for the fire sale creator to profit from, or it could be a fire sale for charity. Either way, you can offer your excerpt for inclusion in the package.

• You may offer your lite version as a freebie alongside your partner’s paid products.

• You may offer your lite version as a freebie inside your partner’s membership site.

• You may offer your lite version as a freebie to anyone who signs up for your partner’s site.

• You can allow your affiliates to give away or sell the lite version. (Be sure the product is rebranded with their affiliate links so that they get credit for any sales.) And so on.

If you’re working with joint venture partners in this manner, then there’s one other way you can make these offers more attractive to potential partners. Namely, by allowing your partners to “rebrand” the lite version with their affiliate links. That way, they’ll earn a commission every time one of their customers or subscribers upgrades to the full version of the product.

3) Chop and Load If you have an ebook, report or other content, you can chop it up into smaller articles and load it into your autoresponder. This works particularly well if you’re offering a multi-part course, such as a five-part course on how to train a dog or a seven-part course on how to lose weight. If you have a lot of content, then you can create an autoresponder series that stretches for many months or even a year.

Example: If you have enough content to create 52 articles (each around 250 to 600 words), then you can deliver an article each week for a year to your subscribers. You can also do this with videos and audio recordings. Simply chop up your videos or audios into smaller segments, load them on your site, and send links to each segment on a regular basis to your autoresponder subscribers.

Ideally, any content you load into your autoresponder should be “evergreen” content. This is especially true if you’re loading content that stretches out for many months. Evergreen content is any content that doesn’t get “stale.” It’s content that’s relevant the day you load it into your autoresponder, and it will still be relevant one year from now when your subscribers see it for the first time.

Example: An article about how to tile a bathroom is evergreen content. However, an article discussing this year’s fashion trends – or any article that refers to a “new” product – is not evergreen content.

4) Slice, Dice and Blog Instead of uploading all these articles, sound bites or video segments to your autoresponder, you may instead choose to upload them to your blog. This allows you to help make your site “sticky” by frequently updating your blog (which means people come back often to see if you’ve posted something new).

Blogging frequently can position you as an expert in your niche. And you can also build a list from your blog readers, by encouraging people to sign up for your list that notifies them each time you’ve created a new post.

Quick Tip: If you also take this content and optimize it for the search engines,using plug-ins like Yoast SEO (WordPress users) then you can help drive search engine traffic to your site. Frequently updating your blog and “pinging” blog directories also helps drive immediate traffic to your site. If you use a blog platform like WordPress (it’s free), then you don’t need to “ping” your site after new posts and WordPress will do it for you. If you don’t use a platform that does it automatically, then you can do it manually yourself by visiting pingomatic.com or pingoat.com.

Tip: Maybe you have months or even years of content to upload. But who wants to be tied down to their blog, faithfully uploading new content every few days or every week? You don’t have to. Instead, check your blog platform to see if it allows you to pre-load content to post in the future. If not, search Google for “automatic blog posting” software.

5) Break up your content and use it for your Social Media Groups.
One of the best ways to keep your social media groups engaged is to give them fresh, and relevent content. If you have content that can be turned into lessons use it to drip feed it to your audience to keep them coming back for more.
Example: 30 days to a bigger email list, How to build a Facebook group and monetize it, How to quit your job with Affiliate Marketing or How to grow flowers year round.
The list goes on and the posibilities are endless.

Make sure with each if these methods you have a clear call to action and that you are linking back to your monetiztion method.

Hope this was helpful as far as giving you some fresh ideas

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